A participant wears the padded harness, which is attached to bungee cords.  These cords are attached to carts on each of the two poles.  The Trampoline Thing™ operator releases the hydraulic lift system which puts pressure on the carts, and causes them to raise, as the person jumps.  The participant can go as high as their ability will allow them.  The system maintains the jumpers height, so that front and back flips and other aerial maneuvers can be performed, safely!  When the participant is done, the operator releases the system and the jumper is lowered slowly to the mat.
SAFE-Injuries occur on a regular trampoline when individuals bounce off the trampoline or land  improperly.  The Trampoline Thing™ keeps participants centered at all times and allows for doing flips while preventing improper landing.  This makes The Trampoline Thing™ ideal for gymnastics training.
FUN-The Trampoline Thing™ is fun for people of all ages, because it enables you to jump many times higher than a regular trampoline (up to 24 feet in the air) and easily do flips.  Because of the high safety level, you can experience all the excitement of acrobatics without the high anxiety.
GREAT WORKOUT-  Trampolines alone are a great workout, and everyone loves to use them, but for  fitness purposes The Trampoline Thing™ is even  better, because it requires the use of the upper body.  This results in an incredible aerobic workout and additionally strengthens and tones arm, shoulder and chest muscles.

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